Blueprint of the SP&S 700


Without its tender, the 700 is 70 feet long and is nearly 17 feet to the top of her stack. Her eight drivers are 77 inches in diameter and each bear about 37,000 pounds. The 36-inch wheels on her lead truck bear a total of 82,360 pounds while the trailing truck--which has two 45-inch wheels and two 37-inch wheels--holds another 106,700 pounds.

This blueprint was traced in pencil from an original Baldwin drawing by Chris McLarney. The pencil was inked in by Russell Dodd. Dodd reduced it from its original wall-size to scannable size and it was scanned by Randal O'Toole. A reproduction of the blueprint in much finer detail is in The Northwest's Own Locomotive, which is available from our concessions table when we have an outing.

All Aboard the 700