Jan 2000, after removing the jacketing, we pull the superheater units.

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The smokebox has been cleared out for the job. The petticoat, nozzle, baffles, and blower have been removed. Photo by Terry Thompson

Matt Baccitich is removing nuts off the T-bolts that hold the superheaters tightly up against the sockets. Photo by Terry Thompson

Using the 4449 crew's forklift and a cradle they made, we pull the units out with a come-along into the cradle. Then the forklift lays them down outside where we are stacking them. Working here are Jim Vanderbeck who just got off the forklift, Matt Baccitich and David Thompson in the smokebox. Photo by Terry Thompson

Bob Vanderbeck pulls a superheater unit onto the cradle. Photo by Terry Thompson

About half of the superheater units are out. Photo by Terry Thompson

About 90% of the superheaters are out. Photo by Terry Thompson