In Late February 2000, we test the superheater units. We run the pressure up to 800 psi and rap sharply on the unit with hammers to cause any weak spots to let go. If you wondered, these are Type E units.

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Feb 26. We do the superheater testing on this cold rainy day because CCS Inc. is sandblasting the boiler today and it's better to be outside in the clean air. We christened the pool in the trailer parking area "Lake Brooklyn" (this is the Brooklyn roundhouse). Photo by Terry Thompson

Bingo! Much as we don't like them to fail, it's far, far better here than in the engine. Photo by Terry Thompson

Currently at 700 psi and climbing towards 800. Photo by Terry Thompson

Superheater units are heavy! We need five people, four to lift and one to steady the cart. Photo by Terry Thompson son