The superheater units are out, now 186 flues (3 3/4 in.) and 58 tubes (2 1/4 in.) have to come out. They are welded to the tube sheet on the firebox end and rolled on the smokebox end.

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This is what it looks like in the smokebox at the start. Photo by Terry Thompson.

To get the flues out, they are cut on the firebox end (welded, remember) and notched on the smokebox end. This picture shows how they are notched. Photo by Terry Thompson

Walt Eisenman in the smokebox notching the next several rows of flues to come out. Photo by Terry Thompson

Walt Eisenman cutting a tube in the firebox so it can be removed. Photo by Dale Birkholz.

Walt Eisenman cutting a tube. Photo by Dale Birkholz.

To get the flues started out, they have to be driven from the firebox with a pipe against the cut end. Walt Eisenman (aka "John Henry") puts some beef into it while John Cox holds the pipe. Photo by Terry Thompson

View of the front half of the boiler. Photo by Terry Thompson

View to the rear of the boiler. Photo by Terry Thompson

Pulling flues out of the boiler. In the foreground are Steve Speer and Terry Thompson. On the pilot is David Thompson. In the smokebox are Bob Vanderbeck, John Rosu, and Jim Vanderbeck. Photo by Dale Birkholz.

Laying the old flues on the pile. Photo by Dale Birkholz.