2001 Nov - Install Valve Cylinder Liners

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The valve cylinder liners (also called valve cages) are laid out to show how they will be oriented relative to each other inside the valve cylinder. Photo by Terry Thompson

Machinist Tom Weisner checks the dimensions one last time. Photo by Terry Thompson

Tom Weisner (right) and his assistant Dale Birkholz (left) hoist the liner into position. Dale is standing inside of the crosshead. Photo by Terry Thompson

Tom squares up the liner so it can be started. Photo by Terry Thompson

All smiles now as it slides smoothly. Photo by Terry Thompson

Tom puts the cover in place. The cover is used only for pressing in the liner and is not part of the locomotive. It was also used in the machining process to stabilize the liner. Photo by Terry Thompson

Dale sets up the PortaPower. The liner is at the end where Tom is standing and will be pulled in. Photo by Terry Thompson

The PortaPower is the red cylindrical device. Between it and the casting is a "strongback", a highly rigid beam with an open slot for the rod to pass through, so it can push against the strongback on one end and and the washer and nut on the end of the rod on the other. The hose connected on the bottom of the unit goes to the pump, sitting on the floor and controlled by a foot treadle, that supplies the hydraulic fluid to the piston. Photo by Terry Thompson

The cover on the end of the liner is used to transmit the force from the rod, which is being pulled towards the PortaPower on the other end, to the liner, thus pressing it in. At this point it has been pressed in enough to cover the ports, which were still visible when Tom was placing it by hand. The cover is doing double duty, as it was also used to stablilize the liner during the machining process. Photo by Terry Thompson

Here the liner is nearly all the way in. Notice the distance on the rod taken up by moving the nut after each stroke of the piston. Photo by Terry Thompson

Tom checks the liner for roundness after installation. Photo by Terry Thompson

View through the valve cylinder with both liners installed. Photo by Terry Thompson

The remaining liners for the other side bask in some rare sunshine (Portland equalled its all time record of 34 consecutive days of rain) which enables them to give off that soft gleam that is characteristic of machined cast iron. They were almost too pretty to hide away inside the locomotive. Photo by Terry Thompson