SP&S 700 at Safety Faire in Salem, May 14, 2005. Part 1.

We were invited to bring the 700 down to Salem, as the magnet for a Safety Faire put on by the Salem Downtown Association. Besides the 700, we also brought the Operation Lifesaver trailer down to do our part of presenting a safety message.

The trip down

After crossing the Willamette River, the 700 enters Lake Oswego. Photo by Radford Bean.

Everybody stays put while the 700 glides through the crossing. Photo by Radford Bean.

Somewhere near Tigard. Photo by Radford Bean.

Just visible in the cab window, crew member Linda Vanderbeck was the fireman on the way down to Salem. Photo by Scott Dally.

Photo by Scott Dally.

Seeing a red caboose is about as rare as seeing a steam locomotive. Photo by Scott Dally.

Inside the caboose, Arnie Holden and Terry Thompson are enjoying the ride. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

But the Best Seats in the House are high in the cupola. Jon LaTendresse watches the action ahead. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

In Salem at Waterfront Park

The line to see the locomotive went by the Operation Lifesaver trailer first. 2000 tickets were printed and more folks came than that, so a lot of people heard the Operation Lifesaver message, which was the whole purpose of the Safety Faire. Photo by Terry Kimzey.

On a hot day, folks still stayed in line to go through the cab of the 700. On the left, Dan Sandor is assisting folks with a safe entrance to the cab. Photo by Terry Thompson.

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