Front Truck Project, Part 1

It all started with the need to replace the front wheels with ones having more miles left in them. But while you're at it, you might as well dismantle the truck for inspection.

With the front truck (aka pony truck or engine truck) rolled out from under the locomotive, the SP&S 700 is temporarily an 0-8-4. Jon LaTendresse, Dale Birkholz, and Arnie Holden admire the truck in its cleaner state after an orange bucket full of grease and grime has been scraped off. Photo by Terry Thompson.

The top piece has been lifted off, exposing the lateral motion mechanism. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Preparing to lift out the rollers for the lateral motion device. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Lifting off the main part of the frame. Roy Jones, at right, keeps an eye on the progress. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Dale Birkholz watches for clearance going through the roundhouse door, while Jim Vanderbeck operates the fork lift. Photo by Terry Thompson.

With a new layer exposed, Linda Vanderbeck and Roy Jones check it out. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Arnie Holden dislodges the keeper on the spring hanger as Roy Jones and Jim Vanderbeck look on. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Linda Vanderbeck lifts the side frame while Jim Vanderbeck and Roy Jones watch. Photo by Terry Thompson.

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