PRPA Supports Earth Day 2006 on the Oregon Pacific Railroad

For Earth Day 2006, the PRPA volunteers helped clean up litter along the Oregon Pacific Railroad (OPR) tracks that parallel the Springwater Trail.

We split into two groups, this one starting at the tracks by the north end of the Springwater Trail. The other group started at the south end. The OPR high-railer will follow along and store the refuse in plastic bags. In the foreground are Mark Kliewe and Nick Gerba. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Jon La Tendresse returns to the high-railer to empty his bucket. In the background (looking to the south) is the Ross Island Sand & Gravel cement plant and the Ross Island bridge. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Photo by Terry Thompson.

Photo by Terry Thompson.

Just south of the Ross Island bridge, a lot of litter apparently gets tossed by motorists overhead on the south-bound exit ramp. Photo by Terry Thompson.

A little bitty green frog in the track ballast. Maybe an inch and a quarter in length.The rocks may look like boulders, but it was just ordinary sized ballast. Happy Earth Day, Mr./Ms. Frog! Photo by Terry Thompson.

Matt Baccitich drives loose spikes back down. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Dick Samuels, owner of the OPR, gives us a ride back to his shops. We're in the cab of an EMD SW1200Rsu, numbered 1202 and named "Walter B. Beebe". Photo by Terry Thompson.

Photo by Terry Thompson.

On the SAMTrak observation car/caboose, Linda Vanderbeck (PRPA) and Kelly Anable (OPR Manager of Safety and Regulatory Compliance) enjoy the ride on this beautiful day. Photo by Terry Thompson.

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