SP&S 700 on the Oregon Pacific Railroad

On May 21, 1956, 50 years ago, the SP&S 700 was pulling its last train, the 'Farewell to Steam' excursion. After retirement by the SP&S, the 700 was placed on permanent display next to Oaks Park. So 50 years later, the PRPA wanted to celebrate (we may have done it before, but 50 years is a milestone) the fact that the 700 is alive and well instead of a static monument and to honor the efforts of the volunteers who made it happen.

Obviously, this particular celebration could not have happened without the help and enthusiam of Dick Samuels and Kelly Anable of the Oregon Pacific Railroad and we thank them.

In a brief ceremony, PRPA President Jim Vanderbeck expressed thanks to all the volunteers over the years who worked on the 700 and made its restoration and continued operation possible. We also had the official unveiling of the National Register of Historic Places plaques (one on each side of the tender, just behind the ladder to the cab). Arnie Holden, to Jim's right, and who spearheaded the effort to bring it to fruition, said a few words regarding that recognition. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Photo by David Thompson.

Arnie discussing the National Register process with Chris McLarney, who founded the PRPA and was the president during the restoration years. Photo by Terry Thompson.

A number of former crew members came to the event and posed with some of the current crew. Photo by Don Parsio.

The Cadillac La Salle Club brought some Cadillac cars to the event and posed for photos along side the 700. Photo by Terry Thompson.

This Cub Scout troup went through an Operation Lifesaver presentation by Jeff Honeyman (not pictured) and are now getting a cab tour. Photo by Terry Thompson.

After the 700 departed each trip, the speeder group also gave rides. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Liz Lippert and Jon LaTendresse holding down the concessions trailer. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Judy Hall sharing Operation Lifesaver information. Photo by Terry Thompson.

The Springwater Trail parallels the Oregon Pacific Railroad. A steady stream of walkers, joggers, and cyclists were on the trail both days. Photo by David Thompson.

The OPR caboose/observation car was popular in the nice weather. Photo by David Thompson.

Photo by David Thompson.

Early Sunday morning from across the Oaks Bottom wetlands. Looming up beyond the train is the Ferris wheel in Oaks Amusement Park. Photo by David Thompson.

Before startup early Sunday morning, Jon LaTendresse services the dynamo. Photo by David Thompson.

The conductor for each run was on the caboose steps, standing on the right side of the train (same as the engineer). Matt Baccitich (blue shirt) is the conductor for this run. Photo by David Thompson.

Photo by David Thompson.

Photo by David Thompson.

Photo by David Thompson.

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