700 in Salem Sept 2, 2006

The SP&S 700 was the featured attraction at the 2006 Salem Safety Faire. The locomotive made its grand entrance to Salem's Riverfront Park at 10:00 AM Saturday, September 2 on the Portland and Western Railroad tracks. After picking up their passes for the cab tours at the Oregon Operation Lifesaver trailer, people stood in line for an hour in the 90 degree heat to see the inside of the cab.

Photo by David Thompson

Judy Hall and Josh share Operation Lifesaver tips for safety. Also, they dispensed the passes for the locomotive cab tour. Photo by Terry Thompson

Julie Dally, Liz Lippert, and Patsy Kimzey in the concessions booth. Photo by Terry Thompson

The line for cab tours originates by the pavilion, comes through the fence and over to a portable stairway. Photo by David Thompson

Al Hall takes people's passes for the cab tour. Photo by David Thompson

Arnie Holden controls the flow of people into the cab. Photo by Terry Thompson

Jon LaTendresse spot fires while a steady stream of visitors, young and old, satisfy their curiosity. Reportedly, it was cooler in the shade of the cab, even with the fire in the firebox, than standing in line out in the sun. Photo by Terry Thompson

Every visitor looks into the firebox through the peephole on the firebox door. Photo by David Thompson

After all the visitors are gone for the day, the 700 (and her crew) relax in the respite. Photo by Matt Baccitich

With the fire out for the night, the 700 slumbers peacefully. Photo by Matt Baccitich

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