The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation (ORHF) is holding its annual fundraiser, the Holiday Express on December 8th-10th & 15th -17th on the Oregon Pacific Railroad (OPR). On Dec 8-10, the 700 pulled the train from Oaks Amusement Park Station north along the OPR to the Springwater Trail Gateway near OMSI and back.

At the Brooklyn roundhouse, Matt Baccitich and Jon LaTendresse put the wreath on the SP&S 700. Photo by Terry Thompson.

The excursion route was through a scenic area of the Springwater Corridor along the Willamette River. Photo by David Thompson.

Holiday Express excursions feature Santa Claus. Photo by David Thompson.

Santa charms a child. Photo by David Thompson.

The SP&S 700 lit up in festive lights. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Starts are impressive with lots of steam. Photo by Terry Thompson.

The SP&S 700 makes a great backdrop for group portraits. Photo by Terry Thompson.

After their ride, the passengers flock to the engine to watch it leave on the next excursion. Photo by Terry Thompson.

This family, with a 95 year old matriarch, turned out in period costume for their ride. Photo by Terry Thompson.

People enjoyed the plume of steam from the cylinders when starting. Photo by Terry Thompson.

The lights provided an other-worldly glow at times. Photo by Terry Thompson.

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