July 2007 Outing on the Oregon Pacific Railroad

This year, the Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS) convention was held in Portland and the morning of July 12, 2007, the SP&S 700 pulled some 45 minute excursions for LOTS conventioneers on the Oregon Pacific Railroad.

Once that event was in planning, the PRPA and the Oregon Pacific Railroad decided to make the effort of getting out more worthwhile by continuing with excursions open to the general public that day and the next two days.

Dick Samuels (OPR) brought out several vintage diesels to add variety and also avoid putting too many trips on the track with the 440 ton 700. Also speeders were on hand for even more variety.

We thank Dick Samuels and Kelly Anable of the Oregon Pacific Railroad for making this possible.

For the amusement of the Lionel folks, the OPR sported a 3rd rail. Photo by David Thompson.

The open observation car was popular in the warm weather. Photo by David Thompson.

The consist was the PRPA crew car, three cabooses, and an open observation car. Photo by David Thompson.

Seen from the vantage point of the cupola in the last caboose, passengers with tickets in hand are lined up to board the next excursion. Structure in the right background is a ride in Oaks Pioneer Amusement Park. Photo by David Thompson.

These two go way back. The OPR 100 (it was the Portland Traction Company 100 then) put the 700 in Oaks Park back in the 1950s when it was donated to the city and pulled it out in 1987, when the 700 was moved to the roundhouse. Owner Dick Samuels has kept this EMD SW1 in its PTC paint scheme. Click to see the 100's very own page. Photo by David Thompson.

Starting an evening run. The bell is the clue that something is imminent. Photo by David Thompson.

Evening runs were popular, partly because there was relief from the warm weather. Photo by David Thompson.

On Saturday, the 700 was moved to the north end of the Springwater Trail to allow cab tours. Photo by David Thompson.

While cab tours were in progress, speeder folks offered shuttle service to and from the Oaks Park Station. Photo by David Thompson.

This device is a wide-gauge detector, designed and built by Dick Samuels. The small wheels in the middle (now in retracted position), are spring loaded to follow the gauge as it varies. The lights come on sequentially to the right as the gauge widens. Photo by David Thompson.

Wide-gauge detector with its motive power. Photo by David Thompson.

The OPR 1810, shown here taking its turn with an excursion, is a GP7U with that classic sound. Photo by David Thompson.

Four OPR diesels were there to pull runs, providing variety. Besides the 100 and 1810 pictured above, the 1202 and 5100 were also there.

For more photos and video of this event, Click here to visit coverage of this event on Brian McCamish's site. The bottom of the page lists the four OPR diesels with links for further information.

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