Photo Gallery of Rock Train trip May 1999

The W&P railroad invited us to help them in a celebration by pulling a train of coaches of VIP's from Reed pit to Tonquin pit. For more information, see the Oct 99 newsletter.

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Moving into St. Marys yard during the week before the Saturday Rock Train trip. Photo by David Thompson

New tender logo for the occasion. Photo by Matt Baccitich

Dome car shot while going in reverse to Reed Jct. Photo by Matt Baccitich

Reed Pit (near Reed Jct MP 62.5). Photo by Kyrian Gray

Starting up the 1.5% grade through an S curve out of Reed Pit. Greg Kamholz at the throttle, with Jim Abney firing. Photo by David Thompson

Tonquin Pit (near Tonquin Jct MP 39.5). Photo by Kyrian Gray

The rock train stopped over the conveyor dump. Photo by Matt Baccitich

Jim Abney, Walt Eisenman, John Kelso, and Don Wheeler. Photo by Matt Baccitich