The S.P.&S. 700 was at OMSI from Dec 17-23, 1999

On a clear day in December, the 700 sits with the Ross Island Bridge in the distance. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Dick Samuels moves by the 700 with his SamTrak Santa Train. Photo by Terry Thompson.

A wisp of steam from the condensate trap under the cab is the only clue the beast is alive. Photo by John Fujii.

On the 22nd, the "big" moon was rising just over the 700. Photo by Terry Thompson.

With halogen lights providing illumination, but no tripod, a piece of concrete on the ground sufficed to steady this long exposure. Photo by Terry Thompson.

A similar photo taken over the fence. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

A short excursion at night. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Matt Baccitich starts the air pumps. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Patsy Kimzey and Charlie Comstock take their turn at concessions. Photo by Terry Thompson.

After returning the 700 to the roundhouse, we pose for the traditional crew shot. While we were out, the 4449 crew moved over to our stall so we could use their stall in front of the door. Photo by Carolyn Thompson.