Oct 18, 2002, leaving Billings MT westbound. Notice the engine truck wheels, where the white-painted rims show substantially different amounts of wear. Photo by Ed Hofmann.

PRPA Receives 2004 TRAINS Preservation Award

Each year, TRAINS magazine bequeaths ten thousand dollars to a non-profit organization, in the name of historic railroad preservation with the TRAINS Preservation Award. This year's recipient is the PRPA!

The Award has three categories: Equipment, Structures and Document preservation. The staff of TRAINS magazine selects the winning entry. The PRPA prepared a submittal based on an upcoming engine (front) truck wheel replacement project on the SP&S 700.

The 700's engine truck wheels will need replacement in the near future. Our cost estimate on this project is just over thirteen thousand dollars for the wheels, transportation costs, professional fees and miscellaneous items. We felt the amount offered in the award closely matched the expenses of this project. The TRAINS money will cover the bulk of the costs, the remainder to be made up by the PRPA.

Hats off to TRAINS magazine! The PRPA says 'Thank You' to the editors and staff who coordinate the Preservation Award.

See the December 2004 issue of TRAINS, page 22 for their announcement. If you're a PRPA member, see the October 2004 issue of our newsletter "Whistle Up The Columbia"

The PRPA's prize-winning submission was single-handedly taken on by Matt Baccitich. Matt is shown below spot-firing on our 2002 Montana trip. Photo by Dale Birkholz.

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