QuickTime Displayed Sideways on Windows System

If the QuickTime file is being displayed sideways, that is most likely a result of the ".mov" file type being associated with some other application than QuickTime, most likely with a Microsoft counterpart.

To put this matter right and view our content right-side up, go into Help and look up "associating", or "association" with file type. Then follow the instructions for changing the application that is associated for the file type MOV. On Windows 95 at least, you have to look up the file type by some descriptive name, not ".MOV". So take note of the application you are actually viewing the file with and look up a file type that sounds like that application name. Under details, check that it is actually ".mov". Then change the application to QuickTime.

If all else fails, turn your head 90 degrees to the appropriate side.

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