SP&S 700 Goes to Vancouver, WA - Part 1

BNSF invited us to bring the SP&S 700 over to Vancouver Yard (south end right by the Vancouver Terminal office) on December 19, 2004 to add a heritage dimension (SP&S was one of the companies merged into BN in 1970) to their annual holiday celebration for BNSF employees. Coincidentally, Union Station in Portland was having an open house the same day, so stops at Union Station each way for an hour or so were worked into the trip schedule. We left Brooklyn Roundhouse at about 8:30am, arrived in Vancouver at 11am, left at 2pm and got home around 5pm.

Besides getting the locomotive put back together following the completion of the driver turning project, we also decorated the engine and tender with Christmas lights, tree and greenery. Plus, the Plum Creek passenger car (borrowed from the Friends of the 4449) and a red caboose (borrowed from a private individual) were also decorated in holiday finery.

Just out of Brooklyn Yard, the 700 moves through industrial SE Portland. Photo by Donald Leap.

At the Steel Bridge over the Willamette River, PRPA President Jim Vanderbeck and Union Pacific representative Randy Wright walk the 700 through a tight radius turn at the approach. Photo taken from the cupola of the caboose. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Pedestrians on the walkway will have an up-close view of the 700 as it passes. Runners tend to be less alert to what's going on around them than walkers, but it was amazing that a runner or two could be that oblivious. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Union Station is just across the bridge on the west side of the Willamette River. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Entering station platform area. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Photo by Terry Thompson.

Good Santa. PRPA's Arnie Holden was our Santa at both Union Station stops. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Good Santa. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Bad Santa. (PRPA President Jim Vanderbeck on the left). Photo by Terry Thompson.

On the road again, now on BNSF track. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Tom Weisner fired on the morning half of the trip. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Just after crossing the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, the track goes by the Vancouver Amtrak station, followed by BNSF Vancouver Yard. We waited a few minutes here for Amtrak to finish passenger loading. Photo by Terry Thompson.

After Amtrak cleared, this was the crowd waiting for the 700 on a cold foggy morning. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Photo by Terry Thompson.

Tom Weisner, left and Matt Baccitich. Photo by Terry Thompson.

In Vancouver Yard, right by the Terminal office. Photo by Terry Thompson.

PRPA's concession crew, Liz Lippert, Marge Helander, and Concessions Manager Patsy Kimzey. Terry Kimzey towed the trailer over to Vancouver and back. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

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