SP&S 700 Goes to Vancouver, WA - Part 2

Dale Birkholz fired the return trip to Portland. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

While waiting for traffic after leaving the terminal area, we were briefly joined in our wait by a current diesel, making this "heritage and current-day" photo op. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Approaching the bridge over the Columbia River from the east. Photo by Terry Thompson.

A glint shot of the rails. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Back at Union Station at dusk, the SP&S 700 does the "Polar Express" look. Terry Kimzey set up the generators to power the lights, one on top the tender, the other on the back of the caboose. He was assisted in attaching lights by Jon LaTendresse, Linda Vanderbeck, Dan Sandor, Marge Helander, and Patsy Kimzey. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Special thanks to PRPA members Al and Judy Hall, who provided teddy bears and decorated the Plum Creek, with help from Patsy Kimzey. Photo by Matt Baccitich.

Photo by Matt Baccitich.

SP&S 700 leaving Union Station. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Crossing the Steel Bridge. Photo by Terry Thompson.

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