Dale Birkholz took pictures in the cab and made a 360 degree QuickTime image.

To view it, you will need:

  • 1. The QuickTime plug-in or helper for your browser. You can download it from Apple Computer
  • 2. Patience. The image file is about 1 Mb in size and will take a while to download to your browser.

    Once you have downloaded the QuickTime plug-in, the install will find your version(s) of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Navigator. Then when you come back to this page armed with your new plug-in, (and patience) you can view it. To move about in a QuickTime scene, click and hold down the mouse button, moving in the direction you want to go. The scene will scroll through 360 degrees and on around if you wish. Also, you can zoom in and out using some controls at the bottom of the QuickTime window. If when opening the image, you see a dialog about upgrading to the "pro" version from your free version, just say no.

    Note: QuickTime is a trademark belonging to Apple Computer.

    In the cab. Matt Baccitich spot firing and Charlie Harrison coming up the ladder.

    Click here if the QuickTime file is displayed sideways on a Windows computer.