Virtual Tour Inside the SP&S 700

Updated Oct 1, 2000 with a new version.

Have you seen the cab tour via Quick Time movie?

Dale Birkholz has a new treat for you - a virtual tour with four 360 degree views and seven still shots, but compressed so it still fits in about 1.25 Mb. (the same size as the cab tour). If you liked the cab tour, you'll love this. Starting outside the roundhouse, it takes you through the inside of the locomotive from the pilot to the cab.

One thing to be said for a retubing project - it provides opportunities for out-of-the-ordinary photos. Couple that with Dale's abilities and you get the following tour.

I will repeat the instructions from the cab tour; if you've seen the cab tour, congratulate yourself, you've already done part one (getting QuickTime).

To view it, you will need:

  • 1. The QuickTime plug-in or helper for your browser. You can download it from Apple Computer
  • 2. Patience. The image file is about 1 Mb in size and will take a while to download to your browser.

    Once you have downloaded the QuickTime plug-in, the install will find your version(s) of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Navigator. Then when you come back to this page armed with your new plug-in, (and patience) you can view it. If when opening the image, you see a dialog about upgrading to the "pro" version from your free version, just click "later".

    How to Navigate in QuickTime

    To move about in a QuickTime scene, click and hold down the mouse button, moving in the direction you want to go. The scene will scroll through 360 degrees and on around if you wish. Also, you can zoom in and out using some controls at the bottom of the QuickTime window.

    One control is very useful on the virtual tour - that's the "Show hot spots" button which will outline any of the hot spots that are currently in the field of view. Clicking on a hot spot takes you to the next segment, either a still or a 360 degree view.

    To move on from a 360 (except the last one in the cab), turn 180 degrees from the entry view (looking to the front of the locomotive) and look for an exit hotspot (in the view looking to the rear of the locomotive). To go back, look for a hotspot in the direction you came from.

    The items listed in parentheses after hotspots below are the labels or names of the hotspots visible somewhere in that segment. If you get totally lost, click the "Back" button (bottom left) to navigate.

    Outline of Tour

  • still - Roundhouse sign - hotspots=(piling tube)
  • still - Piling tube - hotspots=(sign, ms tube)
  • still - ms tube - hotspots=(piling tube, smokebox project)
  • 360 - Smokebox project - hotspots=(ms tube, manifold, boiler project)
  • still - Manifold - hotspots=(smokebox project)
  • 360 - Boiler Project - hotspots=(smokebox project,separator,firebox project)
  • still - Separator - hotspots=(boiler project)
  • 360 - Firebox project - hotspots=(boiler project,spray developer,cab project)
  • still - Spray developer - hotspots=(patch,firebox project)
  • still - Patch - hotspots=(firebox project)
  • 360 - Cab project - hotspots=(firebox project)

    If you've got QuickTime installed and are ready to be transported, Click here to start the Virtual Tour.

    The first segment(still photo of sign) will come up fairly quickly - it takes quite a while until the hot spot will be activated so you can navigate to other segments. Remember to try fun stuff like zoom in/out. You can almost do your own boiler inspection.

    Click here if the QuickTime file is displayed sideways on a Windows computer.

    Note: QuickTime is a trademark belonging to Apple Computer. Windows is a trademark belonging to Microsoft.